Interchange Settlement

Interchange Settlement


Interchange Settlement

On July 13, 2012, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York announced that a settlement had been reached in the long-term legal dispute between retailers, payment networks and nine major card issuers over interchange fees and rules.

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Key Settlement Details

EPC Statement

“The long political conflict over interchange fees is finally over, settled by a well-established legal process, which brought together retailers and the card industry for a negotiated resolution.  After years of mediation, dozens of meetings, and millions of pages of evidence, the parties involved have willingly agreed to settle their dispute.

“As part of the settlement, retailers negotiated the ability to charge their customers a checkout fee (merchant surcharge) at the register.  Historically, banning surcharging has been an important safeguard, and it remains illegal in ten states.  To the extent that retailers do assess checkout fees, we are pleased that the settlement includes important safeguards that will help to curb any abusive or excess checkout fees at the register.

“The deliberate and measured approach of the settlement process is in stark contrast to that of the Durbin amendment, which was passed in the dark of night with no review of its consequences and virtually no public debate.  These government price controls shifted $8 billion from banks to the retailers, with no evidence that consumers are seeing lower prices as a result.

“All parties have endorsed this agreement.  The legal process worked and should send a signal to Congress that it is wrong to pick winners and losers in a complex dispute between two industries.”


Trish Wexler, EPC Spokeswoman, Responds to Interchange Settlement

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