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Have you ever thought about what happens when you use your card at the register? Or buy a product online?

The Electronic Payments Coalition shows the “broken promises” that retail industry lobbyists made when they pushed for the Durbin Amendment.

Giant retailers made empty promises to pass savings from a government regulation back to consumers. Have you seen any savings at the register? For more information visit https://www.wheresmydebitdiscount.com.

The Electronic Payments Coalition describes the potential impact of the Durbin amendment on consumers’ pocketbooks.

The Electronic Payments Coalition discusses the domino effect of the Durbin amendment and the negative effects the law will have on consumers.

This animated short demonstrates the unwillingness of retailers to acknowledge the benefits of accepting card payment.

The Electronic Payments Coalition explains what the “merchant markup” is.

“The Disclosures” voice their concerns about Congress’s decisions to intervene in the interchange market in this fun music video.

This video from the House Financial Services Committee explains how the higher fees on consumers are the direct result of a regulation in the Dodd-Frank Act known as the Durbin amendment.

This video features small business owners discussing the benefits of accepting credit and debit.

Prior to the enactment of the Durbin amendment, consumers voiced their concerns for how the law might affect their debit cards.

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EPC Gas Prices Shell Game: Congress and gas retailers attempt to distract consumers from their special arrangement.


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